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Pentagon Black 

Is the music-publishing outgrowth of noise garage art cult duo the Famines (Raymond Biesinger & Drew Demers), and they managed to play 250+ shows across Canada and the United States between 2008 and 2019. Pentagon Black uses nonconventional means to release music, mostly in the form of paper-digital combinations that unite diverse Canadian music acts from coast to coast. Also in the mix: semi-monthly interviews with PB-related people of interest. They've done so as a side-project since 2014, and as a serious thing since right now. Pentagon Black is maybe a "record label". It sometimes adopts the economics of an informal cooperative. It's definitely based in Montreal. If you need to know more about what they've done, see the "Select Coverage" links section below. 


Mdme. Pauline digital single by the Famines (PB1, 2014)
Stay Home Club b/w Who Wants Disarmament? newsprint single by the Famines (PSY019, 2015)
Too Cool & Other Songs newsprint LP by the Famines (PB2, 2015)
Pentagon Black Compilation No. 1 newsprint compilation by various (PB3, 2016)
Pentagon Black Compilation No. 2 newsprint compilation by various (PB4, 2017)
PRIORS newsprint LP by PRIORS (PB5, 2017)
Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3 postcard compilation by various (PB6, 2017)
_____ by _____ (PB7, 2017)
the Complete Collected Singles 2008-2011 reissue paper LP by the Famines (PB8, 2017)
Pentagon Black Compilation No. 4 postcard compilation by various (PB9, 2018)
the Complete Collected Singles 2014-2017 newsprint LP by the Famines (PB10, 2018)
Calvin Peeing on Covid-19 public service announcement placard (PB11, 2020)
Black Dots: An Afropunk Primer information pamphlet by Chris Murdoch (PB12, 2020)
Pentagon Black Compilation No. 5 postcard compilation by various (PB13, 2020)
25 Queer Country Hot Hits, 1938-2020 information pamphlet by Steacy Easton (PB14, 2020)

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