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Why paper releases?
Because of technology, artist-friendly economics, David Suzuki, low shipping fees, low printing costs, flexibility, rapid turnover, short runs, low risks, social objects, visual art, and that it's as benign a physical object you can make at a time when climate change is blah, blah, and blah. Also, t
he Canadian music industry is at best a rigged, grant-centric game that rewards decades-old approaches to releasing music, and at worst it's absolutely caustic towards artists. Oh, and the internet doesn't like paying anyone. This is our attempt to find a workaround.

Can I preview Pentagon Black releases on the internet? 
Not really, but try each band's website out.

How many copies do you make of each release? 
Between 20 and 1700, with most in the mid-hundreds. 

Can you send me a copy of Pentagon Black Compilation No. 4
We wish! If it isn't in the shop, it's out of print.

How cheap is your shipping?
All the way cheap. We design things with Canada Post shipping standards in mind, and only charge you for postage, the price of the envelope (when applicable) and a little bit to deal with Stripe/Paypal fees. 

Won't it turn yellow if it's newsprint?
Let the aging newsprint remind you that you'll eventually degrade and die, too. Accept that Pentagon Black releases (and you) are ephemeral.

Who does the art? 
Raymond, unless Lisa Czech did it. See http://www.fifteen.ca for his other work, http://www.lisaczechofficial.com for hers.

How does the download thing work?
There's a code on the back of every release that includes audio. Type it into your fave web browser carefully and fully, hit return, and the music files will go to your downloads folder. 

Are some of your albums just recorded on phones? 
Yes. If we say something's a "phone comp" that means every track was recorded via one track on a phone. No edits, no multi-tracking, all spirit, all vérité. 

How do you ship these things?
Postcard releases are addressed and stamped and sent. Newsprint is folded a few ways and put in a fully-recyclable envelope. All are sent regular post and flat; there are no tracking numbers. We ship weekly.

We recommend reusing old, found, frames or hanging the prints on your wall with Scotch Tape or bulldog clips. If you are need a new frame, though, try Craig Frames on the internet.

How do I get on a Pentagon Black release?
Drop us a line, and on it give us a link to what you do plus 200 words about why we're a good fit (and not just cut-and-pasted from your MySpace bio, please). If something appropriate comes up, we'll drop you a line in return.

Will you interview me? 
Publicity inquiries will be thrown in a lake. 

Can I intern at Pentagon Black?
Ha. No. But we don't feel ownership over our approach to releasing music. If you like how we do it, do it yourself. 

What's the deal with Drew?

What's the deal with Raymond?
He's maybe retired from singing, guitar-ing and writing music, but spends his days making visual art (both commercial and non-commercial) and trying to keep an 1885 Pointe St. Charles home/studio/maison urbain from collapsing. His illustration work has appeared in everything from the Economist and Monocle to the Baffler to the Pitchfork Review and Sub Pop t-shirts.