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Calvin Peeing on Covid-19 Public Service Announcement Placard

$2.00 CAD

Like all ill-defined public art and music-related institutions, Pentagon Black was blindsided by this whole "Coronavirus" thing. These times are daunting. Constricting. Horrifying. But we have to march on. We had a teleconference about it, but the only good idea that came from it was a very infringing illustration of Calvin peeing on the Covid-19 virus. The good news: it's available for absolutely free as a high resolution download until Bill Watterson's lawyers tell us otherwise. Want a copy to print off and stick in your window? Go to your fave web browser, enter the following URL, hit return, and it'll show up in your downloads folder :


But if you're really really keen on throwing money at us and want us to print one off on our fancy printer at 8" square, order one. We're happy to do that.