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Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3 by Various Artists

$2.00 CAD

Pentagon Black Compilation No. 3 was our first "phone comp," meaning it was recorded live and in the rough with telephones by various Canadian music acts in May of 2017 and released a month later. Physically, it's a 6" square postcard illustrated by the immensely talented Lisa Czech. Digitally it's a 16-track tranche of MP3 vérité and spirit emitted by musical acts spanning half the country. Printed in an edition of 500.

1. “Oiseaux Souterrain,” Couleur Dessin (Montreal)
2. “Talk to Your Friends,” the Famines (Montreal)
3. “Hard in the Paint,” Motherhood (Fredericton)
4. “New 3,” Lonely Parade (Peterborough)
5. “Bad Gateway,” Usse (Saint John)
6. “Echo Divide,” Century Palm (Toronto)
7. “Pantalon Trop Court,” Nüshu (Montreal)
8. “Five Dimes,” LAPS (Montreal)
9. “Fuck,” Deathsticks (Ottawa)
10. “Op Oloop,” Oromocto Diamond (Québec)
11. “stomach: the noun, the verb (PB edit),” garbageface (Peterborough)
12. “In a Boat,” Smokey & Cole Kush (Edmonton)
13. “Apollo in Furs (You Are You),” Beef Boys (Peterborough)
14. “Endless Doubts,” Microdot (Winnipeg)
15. “Unmarked,” Protruders (Toronto)
16. “New Pleasure,” PRIORS (Montreal)