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Pentagon Black Compilation No. 5 by Various Artists

$2.00 CAD

Pentagon Black Compilation No. 5 is our third "phone comp" of truth in audio, this time with a local (aka Montreal-only) direction. It's a 6x6" art postcard accompanied by 16 MP3 tracks recorded by telephone from March through June of 2020, and if you listen very closely you can hear diverse artists with either high-volume pre-lockdown mania, isolated quarantine loner expressions, or the jubilance that comes with the possibility of post-emergency liberation. The full early-COVID narrative is there, waiting for you to relive through audio hallucination. File under independent DIY punk, pop, experimental, bloops, bleeps, feeling and solitude. Printed in an edition of 500 in August of 2020.

1. “Auto-guérison,” Tamayugé
2. “Smash,” Barnacle
3. “Always Moving,” Child Actress
4. “Design,” Love Language
5. “Never,” Dresser
6. “Garland,” Agatha Pale
7. “La Main Verte,” YlangYlang
8. “Black Top,” Beep Test
9. “Date Night,” Ladies Night
10. “Unit Circle,” Charles Harding
11. “Restraint,” Sunforger
12. “Crying is Cool,” Also Also Also
13. “Borrower,” Chris Hauer
14. “Lemon,” Jules Nominal
15. “Hangover Song,” BBQT
16. “250520,” No. Deux