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the Complete Collected Singles 2008​-​2011 by the Famines

$10.00 CAD

Originally released by the (now defunct) Mammoth Cave Recording Co. of Toronto as an eleven-song 12" LP collecting the Famines' first three years worth of 45 RPM singles, this collection grabs almost every hardened, olympic, atypical piece of GHK-era Famines. Maybe one day we'll re-release the 14 July 2008 cassette book and that improv jam with Dirty Beaches recorded on mini-disc in rural Ontario, but this is it for now. Recorded, mixed and mastered by various people at various places. Printed as a double-sided newsprint 20x30" in an edition of 50.

1. Hi Hi Hi
2. Faux Famous
3. Syllables
4. Got Lies if You Want Them
5. P.L.C.A.
6. Free Love is a Sales Technique
7. the First World War
8. I Like Some of the Things You Do
9. TWA Flight 553
10. Gimme Some Numbers
11. Faux Wealthy