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Too Cool & Other Songs by the Famines

$10.00 CAD

This is two things: the first Famines full-length release since 2011, and also the world's first "paper LP." Imagine a large-format newsprint 20x30" full colour double-sided Famines art poster, one that comes with instructions for the download of nine overdue hit tracks of that art cult noise treadmill. Which songs? Just slow-burning Kraut-rock embers, epic set-ending stunners, and various document of when the Famines strangled "garage rock" more than they ever had and ever have since. Released in July of 2015 in an edition of 300.

1. Too Cool
2. Hail To The Taxman
3. Attack Machine Blues
4. Five Ways
5. Who Is Next?
6. Fast Times
7. Zero Sum
8. I'll Save My Sympathy
9. The Rumour Mill